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Recover from injuries and limitations to live the life you deserve.
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Hand Picked Experts

Hand Picked Experts

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience

Remarkable Results

Remarkable Results

What Our Clients Say

Find relief

With the Master's Touch Physical Therapy

Doctor with Patient Doctors

Healing Joints Physical Therapy Clinics in Edison & Parsippany

  • Do you suffer from aches and pains?
  • Does your back hurt when you get up in the morning?
  • Do your hands make your favorite activities difficult?
  • Does your neck, shoulder, hip, or knee cause you pain, or not work as they should?
  • Does your pain or joint instability stop you from playing your favorite sports ?
  • Were you injured doing sports? Or fall? Or is balance an issue ?
  • Are you pregnant and worried about Pre/Post pregnancy postural care ?

At Healing Joints Physical Therapy, we understand how frustating it is to be in pain and unable to get back to your favorite activites.

We're here to help you recover from injuries and limitations to live the life your deserve.

Here's how we get you feeling great again

Let's Talk

A thorough assessment of your condition lays the groundwork for your recovery

Your recovery plan

A personalized recovery plan focused on your activity goals

Get Back to your Activites

Recover from injuries and limitations to live the life you deserve

It's time to take back your life and start living pain free


Personalized Physical Therapy Services
Tailored for Your Recovery

Why choose


Doctor with Patient in Room

Personalized Recovery Plans and Coordination of Care

Healing Joints Physical Therapy uses the most advanced evidence-based, physical therapy healing techniques. We provide hands-on treatments focused on your rapid and complete healing and coordinate your care with your physician. We develop high quality, comprehensive rehab programs tailored to your recovery goals. Your personalized rehabilitation program will quickly restore your wellness and help get you on the path to recovery.

  • Myofascial release to eliminate pain and restore motion
  • Manual joint tissue & joint mobilization techniques
  • McKenzie & Mulligan techniques

Patient Education

At Healing Joints Physical Therapy, we focus on patient education.

    Our patients often start with just two simple questions:
  • Will it hurt?
  • How long before I'm back to normal?

We've found that an additional investment of time and effort into patient education improves patient attitudes and develops trust throughout the treatments. The results make for significantly better outcomes in patient recovery.

Our physical therapists take the time to clearly communicate details about your condition, instructions, and recommendations.

Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when
pain holds you back.
The Master's Touch sets you free.

  • Results-driven, caring, personalized recovery plan
  • Evidence-based techniques for rapid recovery
  • We strive for healthy, active lifestyles for every one of our patients.

Are you uncertain that Physical Therapy
is the solution to your pain?

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